Digital Forensic Services

Digital Forensic Services

Digital forensics is the science behind obtaining valuable electronic evidence or information from electronic devices.  DIGITS LLC co-founders and staff have over 115 years of combined law enforcement experience and decades of experience in digital forensics and technology crime fighting. The co-founders of DIGITS LLC have a proven track record in national and international high profile internet crime, digital forensic investigations and technology services at the federal, state and local levels. 

Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, DIGITS LLC offers expertise in computer forensics, corporate computer security, litigation support services, network security advisory services, and data recovery services.  DIGITS LLC's principals boast unrivaled expertise gained in distinguished careers in the federal, state and local criminal justice arenas as well as in academia and the private sector.




Certified Forensic Computer ExaminerInternational Society of Forensic Computer ExaminersGuidence Software EnCase Certified ExaminerAccess Data Certified ExaminerHigh Technology Crime Investigation Association


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For additional information about computer forensic services, contact a digital forensic investigator above.  For immediate assistance, call 877-216-2511 and dial 0 for the operator.  A digital forensic investigator will return your call immediately.


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