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Data Recovery ServicesIt is estimated over 90% of all corporate and business records and documents are never printed and are stored in electronic form. This incredible volume of electronic data means that even when electronic content is preserved - whether it resides on servers, desktops, back up tape or any of a dozen other devices - finding what you're looking for can be a challenging task.  

The digital forensic experts at DIGITS LLC are able to recover deleted, deleted information from servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Litigation Support Services and eDiscovery often provide game changing information in the court of law when pertaining to data recovery for a lawsuit or corporate computer investigation. 



For additional information on data recovery services or to obtain a quote, contact a digital forensic investigator below.  For immediate assistance, call 877-216-2511 and dial 0 for the operator.  A digital forensic investigator will return your call immediately.   


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