Corporate Computer Investigations

Corporate Computer Investigations

A cyber security incident can be in the form of an intrusion from the outside or from a disgruntled employee stealing your trade secrets inside your walls. The problem facing management is how to determine where the data went, who is responsible and how to mitigate further risks and loss. 

In order to effectively combat incidents in today's electronically interconnected world, a company must be able to move seamlessly among many technology platforms. Rare is the case that doesn't somehow touch upon some form of digital evidence, i.e. emails, PDA, cell phone, internet or chat activity. Similarly, it's also an increasingly rare problem that is contained within the four walls of your building. DIGITS LLC delivers security of your digital information insuring confidentiality and assurance while we are involved with your corporate computer investigation

DIGITS LLC provides extensive expertise in all areas of cyber security, technology, high-tech digital investigations and litigation support. Our experts at DIGITS LLC can provide immediate cyber security incident response and expert analysis to any crisis or situation facing corporations today. From internal or external theft of proprietary corporate information, to pro-actively conducting internal audits of network systems or controls, DIGITS LLC leverages our decades of experience in law enforcement and forensics along with our New York State Licensed Private Investigation certification to add critical value when solving your corporate computer investigation needs.

    For additional information about corporate computer investigations, contact a digital forensic investigator below.  For immediate assistance, call 877-216-2511 and dial 0 for the operator.  A digital forensic investigator will return your call immediately. 

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